We all have a Story.. Over the years my story has taken me on quite a journey, a journey filled with multiple pages & those pages have become chapters, each chapter another step toward the book of my life story.. If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be unique.. As a DJ my roots go back to August of 1983 when I began learning to DJ.. I was taught by someone who use to spin at the Funhouse and 1018, in NYC.. It was a simple style of blending, nothing fancy.. I use to mix the same two tracks for days, back and forth, until I learned every bar, every break, every build.. Fast forward to the early 90's is when I started to venture out into the world of clubs, raves, warehouse parties, etc.. I played just about every club in NYC in the 90's, some of the biggest warehouse parties & a few after-hour spots, too.. My style can be described with a simple phrase, "I play good music.." Although my heart is in House Music, I don't limit myself to a specific genre these days, just good music to keep you dancing..


I'm the DJ..

My Story:

Feel the Vibe, Feel the Beat

By early 2000, things started to heat up for me in a big way, with my residency at the world famous, Twilo.. I took my DJ career to new heights through 2004, when I decided to unplug my headphones at the height of my career & walk away from being a DJ.. After 12 years of silence I've decided to plug my headphones back in, having accomplished just about everything I intended to accomplish as a DJ, the silence left me chasing for a love I just could never recreate, mixing fills that void, spinning is my true love.. Either it be for the masses or just for my own ears, today it's back to basics for me.. So stick around, visit once in a while, not only will I post a monthly mix, but I'll also have some poetry, new tracks, spoken word & a podcast in the coming months.. 

Much Love 
‚Äč- TM